Welcome to my Portfolio page. Here you will find a few short examples of graphic and product work carried out by myself and some art pieces I have produced. For my full portfolio mini-site please click here (currently in production)

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'Lichtenlike' Graphic Poster

This piece of graphic art was designed in the style of Lichtenstien who famously made comic book illustrations into a pop art form. Block colours have been used and authentic ben-day dots to convey shade.

The piece is created using vector image software and so does not degrade with size like photos do. If you wish to purchase one of these in a limited edition run of 200 then please contact me. Pricing available upon request.

'Thank You Card

For this project the client wanted a thank-you card to convey thanks to relatives and friends for attending a funeral service and the sympathy which was expressed by them.

I designed a modest and simple horizontal folding card which was printed on lightly textured card. Inside the card featured text and a photo (which are not shown for privacy reasons).

'Tailor & Love' Logo Concept

A logo produced for Tailor & Love, web design consultants based in London.

Tailor & Love wanted a modern and fresh logo yet with some retro styling. I instantly thought of American soft drinks manufacturers logos, which are retro but still retain a modern image as they are constantly tweaked to appeal to the current generation. This inspiration, paired with feedback from original designs has produced the logo you see to the right.

Structural Analysis Using Ansys Software

This is a project undertaken during my time at Brunel University, for a module called Structural Analysis

The brief was to produce a bus shelter which was constrained by overall dimensions and the amount of materials available for the build, allowing us to decide upon the structural formation. Modelled using finite elements in Ansys, I designed a structure which performed very well during tests where forces had to be applied to certain parts of the structure to mimic weather activity.

Alias 3D Light Design

A 3D model of a bike light constructed using Alias software

Using Alias software I constructed a virtual model of a bike light, which was based upon one I owned and tweaked to make it more aesthetically pleasing. The final renders which you see use an internal light to represent the light when it is on, which is reflected off of metalic surfaces placed inside the body.

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'Make Peace' Graphic Art

A graphic image of one of my friends, Chris, made during space time.

This is an image which I worked on during spare time as a way to develop my graphics skills. I used an image of one of my friends and vectorised him using line drawings, then applied and reflected a flowery background image which was made from various sources. The phrase "make peace not war" is something I could imagine him saying

Pro Engineer Lego Model

An acurate scale model of a lego man made in Pro Engineer

For a university project we were asked to develop and model an object with moving parts using Pro Engineer software. I produced a 1:1 accurate scale model of a lego man i had in my possesion, which used to be attached to a jumper i had as a child. All the joints work and are constrained as would be for a real life working model. As such, it could be easily used to develop further figures.

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'My-Heart Clothing' Logo Design

A logo produced for Californian based My-Heart Clothing.

Simply styled but bold, the logo is instant and recognisable. My-Heart Clothing, operated by Chrissy Sanders, produces clothing and apparel with iconic and custom graphic designs on. The brief was to design a logo which gave a strong brand identity and could be used as the basis for further branding. The logo had to represent partly of what the company does, hence the label.

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