January 2011

Late update but unfortunately some things have taken up more time than expected since the last update but never fear, I am back! More Hapless Henry cards are on display on the website, with more on the way. Also the scrolling issue has been resolved so all content should now appear without needing to refresh the page. Any more problems please just email me.

Happy New Year! Hope everyone enjoyed NYE in style and proudly brought in the New Year. Lots more to come this year on the website, with new cards, projects, products, photography and art to be expected. Bookmark this page and pop back now and again to have a sneak peek to see what’s new. This page will always list any updates to the website.

December 2010

Merry Christmas to one and all! Hope you have all been enjoying the festive period eating, drinking, and being very merry!

Well it has been a while since the last website update! Christmas is almost upon us, and the Christmas card page is up with all my seasonal efforts. Please check back soon to see more cards grouped by occasion!

The moment has come! Say hello to my new website. Launched using as hosting providers. Please have a look around, I hope you enjoy what you see!

Well well well! It has been some time since my last update but like the snow in this part of London my birthday has come and gone and so I currently reside at the grand old age of 27!
Aside from not having the internet for a number of days (thank you virgin!) the website has been more or less completed, only with more updates needed to be made to the content sections of the portfolio and the cards pages. If you have any suggestions or opinions on the site then please let me know as I will always be looking to improve it. Also if you notice any glaring errors please tell me about those too!

November 2010

Whoa! It's snowing! Okay I suppose it isn't as exciting as all that but I do like watching snowfall. It's almost as mesmerising as a fire.
All of the content on the cards page has been completed plus all the content in the photography page is complete to. Now I'm just pulling a few projects together to put into my portfolio page before the website is essentially complete! Time for hot chocolate methinks!

The Galaxy bar now a distant memory, a new Hapless Henry intro animation and the main body of the Photography page have been completed with an animated slideshow to display the photos (using ColorBox). Also a custom scroll bar has been introduced for whenever I my need it (using JScrollBar).

After many different tweaks and infuriating problems, the Cards, Bio and Home page are all completed. Cups of tea and a very quickly diminishing bar of Galaxy have been helping me to work though the tough times!
Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to include a slideshow style thing to display a small gallery on the Photography page. It will also be used to showcase my card designs for zoomed in views etc. Lots more to do and lots more to come.

Website is underway and gaining progress. If you notice any bugs please let me know via email.

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